Hot Water Installation

TDC are delivering a project to replace three 50+ year old steam calorifiers that have for many years provided hot water to Administration Block on the country’s largest power station. TDC are the lead Contractor on the project with responsibility for the design, procurement, and installation of the new facility.

Case Study

The project is replacing three, old steam heated calorifiers with modern electric heated calorifiers (indirect option – selected due the hardness of the local water). Three 100kW electric boilers, linked to three 2500 litre calorifier vessels will provide enough hot water to meet the Site’s hot water demand, that includes supplying enough hot water to service 60 showers for a duration of 90 minutes.

Temporary modifications have been made to enable a phased replacement and installation programme to be adopted to ensure sufficient hot water supply remains available at all times. Two of the three new electric boilers and calorifier vessels will shortly be commissioned. Once these new electric boilers are up and running the remaining steam heater calorifier will be taken offline and replaced.

A challenging project due the requirement to maintain a supply of hot water whilst working in a relatively congested room, that is located in the basement of the existing Administration block.

Core Issues

Peace of Mind

To provide peace of mind to our Clients we offer bespoke service contracts to ensure your business operations are not affected by breakdowns of such critical equipment.

At TDC we offer a 24 hour nationwide call out service.

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