Critical Plant Failure

TDC are responsible for the maintenance and repair of business-critical AC and Refrigeration equipment throughout the UK. 

Case Study

Last week our engineers were called out to one of our contracted sites to investigate a fault on a critical chiller. On arrival (at 3:04am) our engineers found the compressor was mechanically seized and the associated condenser coil had burst. With both repairs requiring several days outage, we proactively arranged for a temporary chiller unit to be delivered and installed by 10am the next morning to ensure as little disruption to business as possible. 2 weeks later the parts required for the repair of chiller were fitted and the original system was returned to service, at which point all the temporary equipment was removed from Site.

Core Issues

Peace of Mind

To provide peace of mind to our Clients we offer bespoke service contracts to ensure your business operations are not affected by breakdowns of such critical equipment.

At TDC we stock a variety of temporary A/C and Refrigeration related mobile equipment as well as offering a 24 hour nationwide call out service.

For more information on how we can support your business-critical A/C and Refrigeration equipment, please do not hesitate to contact our offices.