All machines need to be maintained in order to ensure they run efficiently and work well for many years. Our customers enjoy maintenance packages that check over thirty elements of their equipment which ensures peace of mind. We also focus on predictive maintenance where we will try to foresee any components that may fail in the near future and alert you to these.

Refrigeration Maintenance

TDC provides great maintenance plans on all types of refrigeration to provide you with optimised performance and full legal compliance with F Gas requirements. Our comprehensive maintenance plans includes condensate pump to drain, filters cleaned to filters changed, drains/condensate pumps cleaned to drains cleared. Our maintenance plans include F Gas compliance. See our F Gas page for more information.

Leak checks are a legal requirement and customers have to keep records to show that checks have been carried out by a qualified engineer.

Our refrigeration maintenance contracts cover:

Why take a maintenance contract with TDC?

  • Maximise the lifetime of your equipment
  • Cost savings
  • Reduce loss of production through equipment down time
  • Reduce the cost of repairs and replacements
  • Ensure compliance with F Gas legislation
  • Our Maintenance Plans

Our maintenance plans include:

  • System running pressures
  • System temperatures
  • System controls
  • Element inspections (Compressors, Indoor Fan, Outdoor Fan, Condensate Pumps)
  • Filters cleaned
  • Evaporator Coil sprayed with specialist fluid
  • Outdoor Condenser cleaned with specialist fluid
  • Compressors and Housings cleaned
  • Drains/Condensate Pumps cleaned
  • Leak check in line with current laws
  • Full system report on all equipment
  • Refrigerant charge logged on our system in line with F Gas compliance
  • Refrigeration Leak Checks

Our leak checks include:

  • Connections, compression fittings, compressor seals and components pressure tested for leaks.
  • Accessible pipe work checked for leaks
  • Leak checks carried out with electronic leak detector or spray
  • Documentation to prove leak test has been completed – signed by Engineer and client


We provide a 24 hour call-out service, 365 days a year, for any system failure. During office hours, you should call our regular daytime number: 01244 455814 or alternatively send us an email.