TDC have a vast amount of knowledge in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning industry. Our in-house Air-Conditioning division have a wealth of experience and a strong track record for delivering the most cost effective, energy efficient solutions specific to your requirements. TDC have completed all manner of installations from single split systems to large VRF systems. Utilising market leading technology, sustainability and renewable energy.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

We install high quality and reliable air conditioning from the best global brands plus we use planned preventative maintenance (PPM) to ensure your system is in top condition all year round. Most people think of the summer as the time when air conditioning is used most, however it’s also an effective heating system in the winter. The change from summer to winter can often require units to be serviced to ensure they remain reliable and efficient throughout the year.

Maintaining your air conditioning is essential for any business to create a comfortable place for your employees and customers.

With our maintenance plan:

Our fully planned servicing work ensures your air conditioning is running effectively and efficiently. F-Gas compliance is a legal requirement when it comes to commercial buildings, so it is important that your air conditioning is maintained correctly. At TDC we provide a full range of air conditioning PPM packages to meet your needs whatever the size of your business. This includes scheduled inspections year-round to ensure your system is performing efficiently. In the case of old air conditioning systems, we can undertake R22 replacement and the maintenance needed. We will agree a schedule with you for visiting your workplace and making inspections. This can be weekly, monthly or annual. We also offer 24/7/365 support call out service if you have a sudden problem.

Planning & Design

Your air conditioning needs are unique – that is why we offer a comprehensive planning and design service, helping you save money by providing the best air conditioning system to suit your requirements. Our team is well experienced and has the up-to-date knowledge to supply, install and maintain any size of air conditioning system, on any premises.

FGAS compliance

The FGAS regulations require systems containing F GAS refrigerants to be leak checked periodically depending on the quantity of the refrigerant charge in the system. To comply with FGAS regulations the following are the requirements for each refrigerant circuit:

-3KG or more requires leak checking at least once a year
-30KG or more requires leak checking at least once every 6 months
-300KG or more requires leak checking at least once every 3 months

0 kg or more – requires leak checking once every 6 months (also if there is a leak detection system already fitted the system only requires to be inspected once a year).

FGAS legislation require other procedures to be in place as well as the leak checking of systems. We offer free FGAS consultations to all new customers. For more information please contact our Service office on 01244 980 535. 

Environmental Sustainability

At TDC we take our environmental considerations very seriously. We are continuously striving to offer environmentally friendly and energy efficient solutions. The environmental impact of our products and processes have become a key element in how we run our business, from the design phase, selection and disposal of materials to our bespoke maintenance programmes offering optimum efficiency.

– 300 kg or more – requires leaking checking once every 3 months (also a leak detection system must be fitted and inspected once per year).

Our planned preventative maintenance schemes help to deliver an optimum working environment whilst also reducing repair costs and making sure your company is complying with the latest regulations.

Failure to have your equipment serviced and maintained in accordance with manufacturer and legal guidelines will result in the following:

Blocked air filters are one example of where efficiency can be severely reduced leading to higher costs and the danger of unclean air being circulated around rooms.

At TDC our skilled and experienced engineers carry out a thorough maintenance of your air conditioning equipment maximising the efficiency of your equipment whilst keeping your business compliant.


We provide a 24 hour call-out service, 365 days a year, for any system failure. During office hours, you should call our regular daytime number: 01244 455814 or alternatively send us an email.