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Air Conditioning
F Gas
Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning 

TDC have a vast amount of knowledge in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning industry. Our in-house Air-Conditioning division have a wealth of experience and a strong track record for delivering the most cost effective, energy efficient solutions specific to your requirements. TDC have completed all manner of installations from single split systems to large VRF systems. Utilising market leading technology, sustainability and renewable energy.


Planning and Design

Your air conditioning needs are unique – that is why we offer a comprehensive planning and design service, helping you save money by providing the best air conditioning system to suit your requirements. Our team is well experienced and has the up-to-date knowledge to supply, install and maintain any size of air conditioning system, on any premises.


Air Conditioning Maintenance

- Free coil cleans annually with maintenance plan
- No call out fees included in maintenance plan
- Quick turn around on breakdowns should the worst happen


Maintaining your air conditioning is essential for any business to create a comfortable place for your employees and customers.


We install high quality and reliable air conditioning from the best global brands plus we use planned preventative maintenance (PPM) to ensure your system is in top condition all year round. Most people think of the summer as the time when air conditioning is used most, however it’s also an effective heating system in the winter.  The change from summer to winter can often require units to be serviced to ensure they remain reliable and efficient throughout the year.


Our fully planned servicing work ensures your air conditioning is running effectively and efficiently.  F-Gas compliance is a legal requirement when it comes to commercial buildings, so it is important that your air conditioning is maintained correctly.


At TDC we provide a full range of air conditioning PPM packages to meet your needs whatever the size of your business. This includes scheduled inspections year-round to ensure your system is performing efficiently. In the case of old air conditioning systems, we can undertake R22 replacement and the maintenance needed. We will agree a schedule with you for visiting your workplace and making inspections. This can be weekly, monthly or annual. We also offer 24/7/365 support call out service if you have a sudden problem.


Failure to have your equipment serviced and maintained in accordance with manufacturer and legal guidelines will result in the following:


- Increased running costs
- Reduced efficiency
- Reduced air quality
- System failures


Blocked air filters are one example of where efficiency can be severely reduced leading to higher costs and the danger of unclean air being circulated around rooms.


At TDC our skilled and experienced engineers carry out a thorough maintenance of your air conditioning equipment maximising the efficiency of your equipment whilst keeping your business compliant.


FGAS compliance

The FGAS regulations require systems containing F GAS refrigerants to be leak checked periodically depending on the quantity of the refrigerant charge in the system. To comply with FGAS regulations the following are the requirements for each refrigerant circuit:

-3KG or more requires leak checking at least once a year
-30KG or more requires leak checking at least once every 6 months
-300KG or more requires leak checking at least once every 3 months


FGAS legislation require other procedures to be in place as well as the leak checking of systems. We offer free FGAS consultations to all new customers. For more information please contact our Service office on 01244 980 535.

0 kg or more – requires leak checking once every 6 months (also if there is a leak detection system already fitted the system only requires to be inspected once a year).


Environmental Sustainability

At TDC we take our environmental considerations very seriously. We are continuously striving to offer environmentally friendly and energy efficient solutions. The environmental impact of our products and processes have become a key element in how we run our business, from the design phase, selection and disposal of materials to our bespoke maintenance programmes offering optimum efficiency.


- 300 kg or more – requires leaking checking once every 3 months (also a leak detection system must be fitted and inspected once per year).


Our planned preventative maintenance schemes help to deliver an optimum working environment whilst also reducing repair costs and making sure your company is complying with the latest regulations.

Refrigeration Maintenance

All machines need to be maintained in order to ensure they run efficiently and work well for many years. Our customers enjoy maintenance packages that check over thirty elements of their equipment which ensures peace of mind.

We also focus on predictive maintenance where we will try to foresee any components that may fail in the near future and alert you to these.


Our Maintenance Contracts

Our refrigeration maintenance contracts cover:

- Scheduled maintenance on-site
- Multi point checks on your equipment
- Full customer reports from our qualified engineers
- Free advice on preventative issues
- Emergency call outs
- Available 24 hours a day 365 days a year


TDC provides great maintenance plans on all types of refrigeration to provide you with optimised performance and full legal compliance with F Gas requirements. Our comprehensive maintenance plans includes condensate pump to drain, filters cleaned to filters changed, drains/condensate pumps cleaned to drains cleared.

Leak checks are a legal requirement and customers have to keep records to show that checks have been carried out by a qualified engineer. Our maintenance plans include F Gas compliance. See our F Gas page for more information.

Why take a maintenance contract with TDC

- Maximise the lifetime of your equipment
- Cost savings
- Reduce loss of production through equipment down time
- Reduce the cost of repairs and replacements
- Ensure compliance with F Gas legislation
Our Maintenance Plans


Our maintenance plans include:

- System running pressures
- System temperatures
- System controls
- Element inspections (Compressors, Indoor Fan, Outdoor Fan, Condensate Pumps)
- Filters cleaned
- Evaporator Coil sprayed with specialist fluid
- Outdoor Condenser cleaned with specialist fluid
- Compressors and Housings cleaned
- Drains/Condensate Pumps cleaned
- Leak check in line with current laws
- Full system report on all equipment
- Refrigerant charge logged on our system in line with F Gas compliance
- Refrigeration Leak Checks


Our leak checks include:

- Connections, compression fittings, compressor seals and components pressure tested for leaks.
- Accessible pipe work checked for leaks
- Leak checks carried out with electronic leak detector or spray
- Documentation to prove leak test has been completed – signed by Engineer and client

F Gas
F Gas

Is your business F GAS compliant? TDC offer a free site survey checking business compliance making valuable recommendations when necessary.

Fluorinated gases otherwise known as F-gases, are man-made gases that come in four types: hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), perfluorocarbons (PFCs), sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) and nitrogen trifluoride (NF3).


F Gas Rules and Regulations

Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs and HCFCs) are a type of Fluorinated gases (F Gas) present in air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

If they escape into the atmosphere they have a negative impact on the environment. DEFRA maintains a constant review of F Gas use and its effect on climate change. Businesses are required to keep accurate records of testing of F Gas leaks in their equipment.

Leak testing of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment is a legal requirement and has to be carried out by an engineer who is DEFRA approved with a EQCC certificate issued by Refcom.

Compliance is enforced by the Environmental Agency and local councils and where businesses are not able to show the records of F Gas testing fines can be considerable.


Frequency of Checks

- R410A (2088 GWP) more than 2.39kg once a year, 23.9kg twice, more than 239kg four times
- R407C (1774 GWP) more than 2.81kg once a year, 28.1kg twice, more than 281kg four times
- R404A (3922 GWP) more than 1.27kg once a year, 12.7kg twice, more than 127kg four times
- R134a (1430 GWP) more than 3.49kg once a year, 34.9kg twice, more than 349kg four times


Ensure your compliance with a TDC Maintenance Plan.

We offer maintenance plans to ensure F Gas compliance for all your air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Our Refcom certified engineers will conduct scheduled visits to your business premises, check your equipment and ensure all the paperwork is in order.


All parts have an expected life and it’s inevitable that at some point they will need repairing or replacing. At TDC we have an extensive stock of refrigerants and spare parts for all main manufacturers including Mitsubishi, Daikin, Airedale, Danfoss and Camfil.

Therefore it’s highly likely we will be able to supply spares from stock, which is vital in the efficiency and quick turn around of breakdowns that may occur.

Our spares stock holds an extensive range of air conditioning and refrigeration parts from all the leading manufacturers.



Everything will wear out sooner or later so it’s good to know that we have you covered when it comes to spare parts and supplies.

Our spares stock holds an extensive range of air conditioning and refrigeration parts from all the leading manufacturers so it’s highly likely we will be able to supply spares from stock.

If we don’t hold the exact spare you need we can get hold of it very quickly. Our engineers will help you identify exactly the parts you need and source them quickly.

We coordinate the process so we get our expert staff and the parts on site within hours to get you up and running again.


Refrigerant Gases, Oils and Chemicals

We hold stock of all the main refrigerants and parts to ensure that we can deal with your problem quickly and efficiently. All our parts are by the original manufacturer, environmentally sustainable and meet international legal requirements.

To avoid danger of contamination we make sure that our cylinders are handled by qualified and approved engineers to make sure they are filled and sealed correctly.

Our database of spare parts is maintained and updated on a daily basis to ensure changes in legislation and advances in technology are reflected in our catalogue. We provide a 24hour/365 day call out service for our customers with maintenance contracts.


We pride ourselves on the installation and maintenance of ventilation systems. Our well designed systems will ensure that you have the best air quality possible by removing dust, fumes and odours linked to manufacturing processes. 

It is extremely dangerous and can be fatal to have inadequate ventilation. It is also required by the The Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations that proper ventilation is installed and to also ensure it's working effectively and efficiently at all times. To find out more click here


Benefits of Ventilation Systems

By installing adequate ventilation systems, this can:

- Improve indoor air quality
- Eliminate the risk of condensation, mould and damp
- Reduce risks of health problems cause by indoor air pollutants
- Provide clearer air (particularly for allergy and asthma sufferers)
- Improve Carbon Footprint
- Ensure quiet operation
- Lower running costs


Bespoke Solutions and Testing 

Not all ventilation systems are the same: natural ventilation will normally be enough to control small offices or shops however, sometimes powered general ventilation is required for bigger manufacturing processes. Therefore, TDC offers tailored solutions for your business with an on-site survey, design and installation service.

We can assure you that our work is to the highest standard. We only use established suppliers and manufacturers, as well as offer testing for ventilation units, air ducting, and factory ventilation systems. Fully accredited engineers will provide certification with rapid response and immediate results.